WordPress SUCKS……

I have to friggin shell ouut some dough to get some dough?

WP doesnt allow hosting ADs unless ur a VIP member/self Host or blah blah blah…….


Basically, u have to host the Blog from ur own domain name. Now doesnt that SUCK. I want to earn MONEY ..NOT SPEND IT

Blogger lets me do it, easily.Look at xiaxue.blogspot.com. She spends $ZERO on maintainence and earns $100 a day minimum ,thats 3G a month,and all she does is type down her life on her Palmpilot,that too once in a while….


Man, this blog thing can be a pain in the ass…trying to make a tech blog was an uttur failure.After all, how can i be succesfull when i have nothing unique…just palagrising from other tech sites is a big joke itself!



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If you thought it was a bonehead move for Nicolas Cage to star in a superhero movie from the director of Daredevil, you’d be half right.

It is literally that, in that he’s playing Ghost Rider, the skull-headed Marvel Comics character who turns the tables on the Devil after selling his soul to become Old Nick’s motorpsycho errand boy.

Ghost Rider doesn’t work because of the writing. The romance between young Johnny and Roxanne is pure schlock, right down to them carving their initials in an old tree, and it isn’t sufficiently developed when they are reunited. The dialogue is almost uniformly bad, with only Cage and Elliott able to make their cheesy lines work.

On the positive side, even the most jaded critic would be hard-pressed not to enjoy the film when a heavy metal version of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” kicks off act three. It gives the film a much needed and cathartic energy; if only the entire film could have been as involving and enjoyable.

As a comic book adaptation, Ghost Rider is largely faithful to the lore, but it makes one fatal alteration. In the comics, Johnny willingly sells his soul to the devil. In the movie, he essentially gets duped; seriously, even the devil knows that a paper cut doesn’t count! Turning Johnny into a victim of circumstance rather than someone who made a mistake and then has to redeem himself robs the character and the film of depth and integrity. That decision was almost as bad as Blackheart’s dialogue. Almost.

This German Gamer is pretty retarded.Games dont bring violence to ppl,raging kids do..

Quanta touchscreen phone

Yup, just another touch-screen media phone up there which have are poppin’ dimeadozen since you know what. Ok, it’s just a rendering from Quanta (yeah, that Quanta); no worries, it’s only meant to demonstrate nVidia’s GoForce 6100 multimedia applications processor — the company’s first. That’s right, nVidia just unleashed their new silicon slab pumping a dedicated 250MHz ARM processor are its core with hardwired acceleration for processing-intensive multimedia and security (read: DRM) functions. It’s capable of delivering H.264 and WMV9/VC-1 video at up to VGA resolution and 30fps. Hell, it even integrates 802.11b/g WiFi with WPA2 security and QoS, and supports USB 2.0 hosting and camera sensors up to 8 megapixels. Best of all, it’s said to do all this while consuming less than half the power of “any applications processor available on the market today.” NVIDIA is demonstrating a prototype at 3GSM running Chronos’ OpenKODE 1.0 (think DirectX for handhelds) for rich, 3D widgety goodness. Expect the new proc to show up in a wide variety of portable electronic devices in 2007/2008. Oh, and peep the OpenKODE interface after the break.

Read — Khronos OpenKODE

Yep..Blogger was kinda limiting me.After knowing why ppl shifted here, i too joined the bandwagon of WP convertees. Wp sure is a bit complicated, but i can live with it, and adjust to it.But Blogger Beta’s lack of features,Catagories and compatibilities with hundreds of user-made Layouts makes it a headache

WoW on Q1

Yes, that’s World of Warcraft running on a UMPC. How sweet is that? I had heard rumors of people getting WoW to run, but seeing it in action really looks great. I wouldn’t go on a raid on my UMPC, but I’d definitely go visit the auction house!


LG Electronics will include the IMAGEON 2300 media processor from ATI Technologies in its forthcoming SV360 phone. The phone employs a 320×240 landscape LCD display and using the IMAGEON 2300, it is able to render scenes containing over 10,000 triangles per frame. The ATI IMAGEON 2300 supports the OpenGL ES 1.0 mobile gaming API.

In addition to its hefty 3D capabilities, the SV360 also features a 3D user interface, a gyroscopic controller and stereo speakers.
Amongst the day’s new phones, one puts all others to shame in terms of graphics horsepower. The new SV360 by LG boasts an accelerator chip capable of displaying 1 million polygons per second, around 5 times faster than anything else out there (and with what appears to be Gran Turismo 1). Not only that, but motion sensors built into the handset will allow users to control their games simply by moving their handset in physical space. The gaming experience is displayed on a 2.2 inch LCD built into a mini laptop design. With the graphic performance and motion sensors, what else will keep from people playing Dance Dance Revolution on the subway?

If this is true, it’s Beta vs VHS all over again and HD-DVD may be the foregone winner of the format wars. First, Heise reports (summarized from the German by sgknox.com) that Digital Playground, who were committed to Blu-ray last year, are now producing HD-DVD titles instead. No Blu-ray disk manufacturer would make their disks because Sony doesn’t want porn on Blu-ray (just as with Betamax). Second, as reported by tgdaily, the porn industry overwhelmingly favors HD-DVD because it’s much cheaper and easier to produce. As noted in the tgdaily article, porn was a huge factor in VHS winning the VHS/Beta format wars even though many people don’t like to acknowledge it. Porn, like gaming, pushes tech adoption.

Above is the box cover of Joone’s Pirates, first XXX rated movie on HD format,also the winner of AVN Best Adult motion picture. I personally recommend this..its different, i assure u 🙂

One concern for Windows XP users is if their favorite software applications will run once they upgrade to Vista.
Luckily, Windows Vista uses a feature called Compatibility Mode which tells the software application that Vista is actually an older OS, specifically Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, or XP.

Here’s how it works:

If your software application won’t install, open or work properly, right click on the application’s .exe file. Select Properties and then click the Compatibility tab. From there, pick the previous Windows operating system you were on (most likely Windows XP). If you’re a system operator, you can set this up as an administrator to make it easier for your staff.

Vista Compatibility Mode



Microsoft unviels iPHONE rival

it looks like MS is working on a mobile WiMax-enabled Zune Phone, which would have download speeds of up to 2Mbps, fast enough for the Xbox-to-Zune streaming we’ve heard about, and fast enough for just about anything else the Zune Phone might be used for. So now that we know that the Zune Phone is real, and that it’s in development, what else can we say about it? Tons. The first real news is that we can expect to hear an announcement from Redmond about it before March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, at which time we should learn the name of the device. At the same time, we should also learn other launch specifics, and here’s where it gets incredibly juicy; our source says that, pending FCC approval, the specter-like Zune Phone will hit the streets sometime in May, a full month before the iPhone.

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